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The Internet Economy on the Rise
Progress since the Seoul Declaration
OECD Publishing , Date de parution:  10 oct 2013
Pages: 184 , Langue: Anglais
Version: Livre (Broché) + PDF
ISBN: 9789264201491 , Code OCDE: 932013031P1
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This publication reviews progress made since the 2008 OECD Seoul Declaration for the Future of the Internet Economy and identifies areas for future work. Seven themes are addressed in the work as follows:

  1. High-speed infrastructure
  2. Digital content and green ICTs
  3. The development of smarter applications
  4. Cybersecurity and privacy
  5. Consumer empowerment and protection
  6. An open Internet economy
  7. Global participation for development.

Overall, the review shows that the Internet economy has now reached a point where it has become a new source of growth, with the potential to boost the whole economy, to foster innovation, competitiveness and user participation, and to contribute effectively to the prosperity of society as a whole.

Tables des matières:

List of abbreviations
Declaration for the future of the Internet economy (The Seoul Declaration)
Chapter 1. The Seoul Declaration: An overview of progress made and recommendations for future work
The main building blocks of the Internet economy
-The framework conditions for the Internet economy
-Socio-economic objectives for the Internet economy
Chapter 2. Access to the internet via a high-speed infrastructure
-Greater access to networks and maximum national coverage
-Creating a market-friendly environment for investment and competition
-Benefitting from convergence
-Encouraging the adoption of IPv6
-Encouraging a more efficient use of radio spectrum
-Improving measurement and statistical systems
-Annex 2.A.1.Overview of OECD reports related to work on high-speed infrastructure
-Annex 2.A.2. Competition in fixed lines: Subscriber market share of new entrants
-Annex 2.A.3. National policy initiatives for the deployment of IPv6, 2010
-Annex 2.A.4. Spectrum allocations
Chapter 3. Innovation and sustainability: Digital content and Green ICTs
-Innovating for economic growth – Digital content
-Sustainability – Green ICTs
Chapter 4. Empowering and protecting consumers
-Business-to-consumer e-commerce developments
-Assessment of selected consumer policy issues
Chapter 5. Global participation in the Internet economy
The Internet economy as a platform for inclusive economic, social and cultural development
-Increasing access to the Internet economy
-Promoting applications and their use in developing and emerging countries
-Developing skills for the Internet economy in developing and emerging countries
-The role of innovation: Cloud computing and development

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