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OECD Reviews of Regulatory Reform
Regulatory Policy in Colombia
Going beyond Administrative Simplification
OECD Publishing , Publication date:  15 Nov 2013
Pages: 204 , Language: English
Version: Print (Paperback) + PDF
ISBN: 9789264201934 , OECD Code: 422013221P1
Price:   €60 | $84 | £54 | ¥7800 | MXN1080 , Standard shipping included!
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Other languages:  Spanish (Available)
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Prudent macroeconomic management and recent structural reforms have helped Colombia weather the recent financial crisis remarkably well.  The Government of Colombia has placed particular emphasis on simplifying formalities affecting business and citizens.  In addition, a number of initiatives have been launched to make the administration more transparent and accountable vis-ŕ-vis citizens.

However, after several years in place, this approach needs to be re-shaped, in order to go deeper into the legal background of regulations.  Colombia still lacks a whole-of-government policy for regulatory quality and needs to rethink the institutional set up to implement different regulatory tools in a coherent manner.  It also requires the adoption of a systemic approach to challenge the reasons for and the logic behind formalities (trámites) and, most importantly, regulations.  Furthermore, as in many other countries, the development and application of a comprehensive regulatory governance approach for sub-national governments and multi-level co-ordination are pending issues.

Table of contents:

Acronyms and abbreviations 11
Executive summary 15
Chapter 1. Assessment and recommendations 19
-Economic context and drivers for regulatory reform  19
-Public governance context for regulatory reform  19
-Regulatory reform developments and the main findings of the report  20
-Key recommendations 23
Chapter 2. The macroeconomic context in Colombia 27
-Charting Colombia’s economic growth 28
-The contribution of regulatory reform to Colombia’s economic performance 33
-Bibliography 35
Chapter 3. Regulatory reform and policies in a national context 37
-The administrative and legal environment for regulatory reform in Colombia 38
-Regulatory policies and core principles 41
-Recent and current regulatory reform initiatives 42
-International regulatory co-operation 47
-Assessment and recommendations 48
-Annex 3.A1. The 2012 OECD Recommendation of the Council on Regulatory Policy and Governance 53
-Bibliography 55
Chapter 4. Institutions to promote regulatory reform in Colombia  57
-Institutions and mechanisms to promote regulatory reform 58
-Organisation and governance of regulatory agencies and supervisory bodies 65
-Assessment and recommendations 69
-Annex 4.A1. Main features of oversight bodies to promote regulatory quality 76
-Annex 4.A2. Regulatory evaluation in parliamentary institutions of OECD countries 77
-Annex 4.A3 .The regulatory process in Canada 79
-Annex 4.A4. The Australian Productivity Commission 81
-Bibliography 82
Chapter 5. Colombia’s administrative capacities for making new regulations 83
-Administrative transparency and predictability 84
-The use of consultation for dialogue with affected groups 88
-Choice of policy instruments: Regulations and alternatives 92
-Legal review of regulatory proposals 94
-Potential for the use of Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA) 95
-Assessment and recommendations 101
-Bibliography 107
Chapter 6. The management and rationalisation of existing regulations in Colombia 109
-Reviews of the stock of regulations and formalities 110
-Administrative simplification initiatives 113
-Assessment and recommendations 123
-Annex 6.A1. Good international practices to review the regulatory stock 130
-Bibliography 132
Chapter 7. Compliance, enforcement and appeals in Colombia 133
-Approaches to regulatory enforcement and compliance 134
-Use of risk-based approaches 135
-Appealing process for regulatory decisions 137
-Assessment and recommendations 138
-Bibliography 141
Chapter 8. Ex post regulatory evaluation in Colombia 143
-Ex post evaluation of regulations 144
-Ex post evaluation of regulatory programmes and institutions 146
-Assessment and recommendations 147
-Bibliography 148
Chapter 9. Multi-level regulatory governance in Colombia 149
-The organisation of the Colombian territory and the distribution of regulatory attributions 150
-Multi-level co-ordination 153
-Challenges for and good practices in regulatory reform at the sub-national level 156
-Assessment and recommendations 157
-Annex 9.A1. Multi-level dialogue platforms in Canada and Italy 160
-Bibliography 161
Chapter 10. Regulatory reform in Barranquilla 163
-Introduction 164
-A framework to understand multi-level regulatory governance 167
-The need for a regulatory policy in Barranquilla 173
-Institutional design in Barranquilla 174
-Multi-level co-ordination 179
-Inspections, compliance, and enforcement 183
-Administrative capacities of the local government for making new regulations 186
-Communication and transparency of regulatory decisions 190
-Administrative simplification initiatives 190
-Assessment and recommendations 194
-Bibliography 201

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