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OECD Reviews of Health Care Quality
OECD Reviews of Health Care Quality: Turkey 2014
Raising Standards
OECD Publishing , Date de parution:  15 déc 2014
Pages: 140 , Langue: Anglais
Version: Livre (Broché) + PDF
ISBN: 9789264202047 , Code OCDE: 812013201P1
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Turkey underwent a very ambitious reform programme  in 2003, the so-called "Health Transformation Programme". Access to healthcare in Turkey has greatly increased with the attainment of Universal Health Coverage, as also demonstrated by improvement in health outcomes, most notably around maternal and child health and infectious diseases. However, despite these significant achievements, Turkey has a significant way to travel to deliver high-quality health services to its population. Governance of the health system is highly centralised and typified by directive control from the Ministry of Health, and information collected in different part of the system is not always fully exploited.

The OECD Review of Health Care Quality in Turkey recommends a number of changes to address these shortcomings. The key recommendations are that: i) Turkey needs to develop robust systems to standardise and monitor the quality of care, encourage continuous professional development and incorporate patient views; ii) some loosening of the governance structure would be welcome, to allow regions greater flexibility to assess and respond to local health needs and to continue to provide health workers with incentives for improve quality; iii) data on health sector activity and outcomes need to be made more available and more usable for individual patients and clinicians, while greater effort is needed to increase the robustness of Turkey’s information systems at national level and harmonise performance measures to OECD and other international comparators.

Tables des matières:

Acronyms and abbreviations 9
Executive summary 11
Assessment and recommendations 15
Chapter 1. Quality of care in Turkey’s health system 33
-1.1. Introduction 34
-1.2. Context 35
-1.3. Profiling policies on quality of health care and their impact 40
-1.4. Health system design 40
-1.5. Assuring the quality of inputs to the Turkish health-care system 47
-1.6. Patient safety policies 51
-1.7. Health system monitoring: Building an information infrastructure for measuring quality 51
-1.8. Conclusions  54
-References 57
Chapter 2. Primary care in Turkey 59
-2.1. The configuration of primary care in Turkey 60
-2.2. Outcomes associated with primary care 63
-2.3. The emerging challenge of long-term conditions in Turkey 67
-2.4. Building the next phase of primary care reform: Quality assurance and improvement  73
-2.5. Conclusions 84
-References 87
Chapter 3. Improving hospital care in Turkey 89
-3.1. The Turkish hospital sector has seen strong capacity development 90
-3.2. Strengthening quality governance in the hospital system and creating a quality culture 99
-3.3. Shifting from quality of hospital care to keeping people out of hospitals 105
-3.4. Conclusions 110
-References 111
Chapter 4. Paying for health care in Turkey 115
-4.1. Context: Rising spending and fewer human resources than most OECD countries 116
-4.2. There has been a major transformation in the financing of health care services 120
-4.3. Financing of hospitals 125
-4.4. Paying for primary care 134
-4.5. Conclusions 137
-References 139

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