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OECD Reviews of Regulatory Reform
Regulatory Policy in Mexico
Towards a Whole-of-Government Perspective to Regulatory Improvement
OECD Publishing , Publication date:  20 Mar 2014
Pages: 212 , Language: English
Version: Print (Paperback) + PDF
ISBN: 9789264203372 , OECD Code: 422013241P1
Price:   €65 | $91 | £58 | ¥8400 | MXN1170 , Standard shipping included!
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Mexico has made several efforts to design and implement a regulatory improvement policy over the past several years. The institutions involved in the better regulation policy have played a key role in enhancing regulatory quality. This includes the Federal Regulatory Improvement Commission (COFEMER), the Ministry of Economy, and the Ministry of Public Administration. Mexico now has two decades of experience in the application of Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA). Over this period, it has continued to expand the scope of RIA, to refine and improve the specific requirements and to invest substantial resources in implementation. Recently, Mexico has adopted the internationally recognised Standard Cost Model, which has brought a renewed impetus across the federal government to reduce administrative burdens generated by formalities. There is also a thriving multi-level regulatory governance programme. As a result, Mexico is currently at a stage where positive results are being obtained. However, this is not the time to slow down; instead, further work should be fostered to step up to a new phase of regulatory quality which embeds an effective and profound regulatory improvement culture across the federal government.

Table of contents:

Acronyms and abbreviations 11
Executive summary 15
Chapter 1. Assessment and recommendations 19
-Regulatory policy and governance in Mexico 20
-Independence, performance, and accountability of regulators 22
-Multi-level regulatory governance 24
Chapter 2. The importance of regulatory policy and governance 27
-What is regulatory policy? 28
-What are the benefits of actively implementing regulatory policy? 28
-The evolving need for greater regulatory governance 29
-Bibliography  33
Chapter 3. Regulatory policy and institutions in Mexico 35
-Introduction 36
-Structure of the government in Mexico 36
-Regulatory capacity of the government  38
-Regulatory policy 40
-Regulatory institutions 44
-Key findings and policy options  48
-Bibliography 59
Chapter 4. Regulatory impact assessment and consultation in Mexico 63
-Introduction 64
-RIA in Mexico: History and recent developments 65
-Description and analysis of current RIA practice 68
-Process requirements for RIA 72
-Improving capacities  78
-Methodological issues in current RIA requirements 81
-Public consultation 83
-Key findings and policy options  85
-Bibliography 90
Chapter 5. Administrative simplification and management of the stock of regulation in Mexico 93
-Introduction 94
-Reduction of administrative burdens 94
-Other administrative simplification strategies  100
-Regulation inside government 110
-Key findings and policy options 111
-Bibliography 115
Chapter 6. Independence, performance, and accountability of regulators in Mexico 117
-Introduction 118
-The nature of regulators within the OECD context  118
-The three analysed regulators 122
-Assessment of current situation 124
-Key findings and policy options 128
-Special section: Progress towards addressing the recommendations on the governance of the regulatory system by the 2012-18 administration  132
-Bibliography  137
Chapter 7. Multi-level regulatory governance in Mexico 139
-Introduction 140
-The organisation of the Mexican territory and the distribution of regulatory attributions 141
-Regulatory policies and institutions  141
-Regulatory tools 151
-Key findings and policy options 177
-Special section: Progress towards addressing the recommendations on multi-level regulatory governance by the 2012-18 administration 189
-Bibliography 194
Annex A. Implementation of the 2004 OECD regulatory reform recommendations for Mexico 197
-Government capacity to assure high-quality regulation 197
Annex B. Multi-level regulatory governance in Mexico 199
-1. The regulatory reform state laws and their contents 199
-2. Regulatory reform bodies at the state level in Mexico  201
-3. Main trends in the institutionalisation of RIA at state level in Mexico 202
-4. Regulatory reform in the state of Aguascalientes 203
-5. Regulatory reform in the state of Colima  204
-6. Regulatory reform in the state of Jalisco 206
-7. Regulatory reform in the state of Nuevo León 208

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