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OECD Reviews of Regulatory Reform
Regulatory Reform in the Middle East and North Africa
Implementing Regulatory Policy Principles to Foster Inclusive Growth
OECD Publishing , Date de parution:  26 nov 2013
Pages: 84 , Langue: Anglais
Version: Livre (Broché) + PDF
ISBN: 9789264204546 , Code OCDE: 422013271P1
Prix:   €24 | $33 | £21 | ¥3100 | MXN430 , Frais de livraison inclus
Disponibilité: Disponible
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Autres langues:  Français (Disponible)
Autres versions:  Livre électronique - Format PDF

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This book assesses progress in the implementation of regulatory policy within the region. Regulatory governance in the MENA region is an increasing priority for encouraging and enabling sustainable development and inclusive growth. The report reflects on the developments and highlights good practices from Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Mauritania, Morocco, the Palestinian Authority and Tunisia. The report concludes by providing recommendations to MENA countries, especially those in transition, to help them build the required institutions, systems, policies and capacities to produce a better regulatory environment needed to deliver sustainable development and equitable growth whilst ensuring public participation and accountability.

Tables des matières:

Acronyms and abbreviations
Executive summary
Chapter 1. Relevance of regulatory policy for MENA
-MENA region: Finding stability
-Commitment to the Regional Charter for Regulatory Quality
Chapter 2. The OECD framework for regulatory policy and MENA
-Regulatory policy and governance: A new concept for MENA
-Promoting regulatory policy with a whole-of-government approach in MENA
-Improving transparency in the regulatory process
Chapter 3. Regulatory policy and governance in MENA
-Drivers of reform
-Core policies
-Systems, processes and tools
-Actors, institutions and capacities
Chapter 4. Recommendations for the MENA region
-Core policies
-Systems, processes and tools
-Actors institutions and capacities
-Final conclusions

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