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OECD Economic Surveys: Finland 2014
OECD Publishing , Date de parution:  07 mars 2014
Pages: 116 , Langue: Anglais
Version: Livre (Broché) + PDF
ISBN: 9789264206755 , Code OCDE: 102014031P1
Prix:   €46 | $64 | £40 | ¥5900 | MXN830 , Frais de livraison inclus
Disponibilité: Disponible
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This 2014 Economic Survey of Finland examines recent economic developments, policies and prospects. Special chapters look at ageing and local public finances.

Tables des matières:

Basic statistics of Finland, 2012  7
Executive summary 9
-Main findings 10
-Key recommendations 11
-Assessment and recommendations 13
-Activity is picking up slowly but uncertainty remains high 15
-The economy is undergoing deep restructuring 18
--Recommendations on innovation and green growth policies 22
-The financial sector is solid but remaining vulnerabilities should be addressed  23
--Recommendations on financial policy 26
-Some medium-term consolidation is warranted 26
-Structural reforms to boost growth and ensure long-term fiscal sustainability  27
--Recommendations on fiscal policy and structural reforms 28
-The economic consequences of population ageing 28
--Recommendations on pension, health and labour market reforms 33
-Enhancing public sector efficiency 33
--Recommendations on local public finances and municipal reform 38
Bibliography 38
Annex. Progress in structural reform 41
Chapter 1.
The economic consequences of ageing  51
-A rapidly ageing population will put increasing pressure on public finances and labour resources 52
-Solutions exist to adapt the pension and health systems to ageing 62
-Measures should be implemented to help older workers stay at work or be hired 70
-Increasing labour force participation among other groups 74
-Ageing also creates new opportunities 76
-Recommendations on pension, health and labour market reforms 77
-Bibliography 78
Chapter 2. Local public finances and municipal reform 81
-Finland is one of the most decentralised OECD countries 84
-Local finances are deteriorating and public services becoming increasingly uneven 91
-The fiscal framework could be strengthened 96
-The reform of municipalities has the potential to generate efficiency gains in public services 100
-Recommendations on local public finances and municipal reform 111
-Bibliography 111

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