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Ageing and Employment Policies
Ageing and Employment Policies: Netherlands 2014
Working Better with Age
OECD Publishing , Publication date:  07 May 2014
Pages: 140 , Language: English
Version: Print (Paperback) + PDF
ISBN: 9789264208148 , OECD Code: 812014021P1
Price:   €40 | $56 | £36 | ¥5200 | MXN720 , Standard shipping included!
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Given the ageing challenges, there is an increasing pressure in OECD countries to further boost the employability of the working-age population over the coming decades. This report provides an overview of policy iniatives implemented over the past decade in the Netherlands and identifies areas where more should be done, covering both supply-side and demand-side aspects. To give better incentives to carry on working, the report recommends to promote longer contribution periods in the second-pillar pension schemes, and ensure better information and transparency of pension schemes, with a special focus on groups with low financial literacy. On the side of employers, it is important to progress towards more age-neutral hiring decisions and wage-setting procedures with more focus on performance and less on tenure and seniority. To improve the employability of older workers, the focus should be to promote training measures for older unemployed which are directly linked to a specific job. The large diversity in municipal "Work-First"programmes should be utilised in designing mor effective activation policies targetted on those at risk of losing contact with the labour market.

Table of contents:

Foreword 3
Acronyms and abbreviations 9
Executive summary 11
Assessment and key recommendations 13
Chapter 1. The “Live Longer, Work Longer” challenge for the Netherlands 29
-The magnitude of the demographic challenge 30
-Recent reforms in ageing and employment policies 32
-References 34
Chapter 2. The labour market situation of older workers in the Netherlands 35
-The Netherlands in an international context 36
-Increased employment for those over 55 38
-Beyond averages: The roles of gender, age and education 40
-Labour market mobility of older workers 43
-Part-time work 47
-Reference 50
Chapter 3. Making work rewarding for Dutch seniors 51
-Social protection in the Netherlands 52
-Public pensions: Pressure leading to reforms 52
-Occupational schemes 55
-Pension saving for the self-employed: Still a challenge 61
-Early retirement in the second and third pillars 61
-Alternative pathways to early exit still exist 64
-Key policy recommendations 72
-References 74
Chapter 4. Encouraging employers in the Netherlands to hire and retain older workers 79
-Managing age diversity and promoting mobility at all ages 80
-Wage-productivity gaps 81
-The employment protection legislation (EPL) 89
-Mandatory retirement 93
-Persistent negative attitudes among employers 95
-Age discrimination 101
-Key policy recommendations 103
-References 104
Chapter 5. Strengthening the employability of older workers in the Netherlands 109
-Learning and bringing new skills by training 110
-The Public Employment Service (PES)  118
-Working conditions 127
-Key policy recommendations 132
-References 133

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