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OECD Reviews of Health Care Quality
OECD Reviews of Health Care Quality: Czech Republic 2014
Raising Standards
OECD Publishing , Publication date:  02 Jul 2014
Pages: 160 , Language: English
Version: Print (Paperback) + PDF
ISBN: 9789264208599 , OECD Code: 812014051P1
Price:   €40 | $56 | £36 | ¥5200 | MXN720 , Standard shipping included!
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This book presents a comprehensive review of health care quality in the Czech Republic. It finds that over the past 20 years, the Czech Republic witnessed the unprecedented gains in quality of health care and life expectancy and successfully transferred its Semaschko system into the modern accessible health care system with private-public mix of providers. Nevertheless the health care system in the Czech Republic still has some way to go to achieve the outcomes of the best performing OECD members. While some of the gap might be caused by the one of the lowest levels of health care expenditures among OECD countries (7.2% GDP in 2011) there are possibilities to improve the outcomes without incurring much of the additional costs.

The Czech authorities should reach a consensus on the development of quality of care and data infrastructure and aim for sustainable long-term initiatives undisturbed by the political cycles in both of these areas. While the adverse events reporting and voluntary accreditation are the good steps towards the accountability of the providers, the government should do more in this area, undertake the effort to broaden the accreditation process and include outpatient care and link public health authorities to the quality agenda of inpatient care. In the area of data infrastructure more data should be gathered, the process of data gathering should be streamlined and administrative burden for the providers lowered primarily via the merging the data-collecting agencies. Finally, without the active participation of health insurance funds and proper reimbursement mechanisms in place the quality agenda will not be perceived as the priority.

Table of contents:

Acronyms and abbreviations 9
Executive summary 11
Assessment and recommendations 15
-Building a quality architecture to support continuously improving care 18
-Strengthening the data infrastructure 22
-Better quality in screening and preventive health care 27-
-Improving care for patients with diabetes and metabolic syndrome 32
Chapter 1. Quality of care policies in the Czech Republic 41
-1.1. Introduction 42
-1.2. Design, costs and outcomes in the Czech health care system 42
-1.3. Governance for quality of health care in the Czech Republic 48
-1.4. Assuring the quality of inputs to the Czech health care system 53
-1.5. Patient safety policies 58
-1.6. Health system standards and guidelines 58
-1.7. Managing health system improvement 59
-1.8. Strengthening the role and perspective of the patient 60
-1.9. Conclusion 62
-Bibliography 64
Chapter 2. Health data infrastructure in the Czech Republic 65
-2.1. Introduction 66
-2.2. Overview of data collection 66
-2.3. Assessment of the data infrastructure 75
-2.4. Recommendations to improve the Czech data infrastructure 80
-2.5. Conclusion 85
-Bibliography 87
-Annex 2.A1. Health care data in the Czech Republic 89
Chapter 3. Screening and prevention programmes in the Czech Republic 97
-3.1. Introduction 98
-3.2. Configuration of screening and prevention programmes in the Czech Republic 99
-3.3. Current outcomes associated with screening and prevention programmes in the Czech Republic 102
-3.4. Governance challenges faced by screening and prevention programmes in the Czech Republic 112
-3.5. Securing a greater quality dividend from screening and prevention programmes in the Czech Republic 116
-3.6. Conclusion 124
-Bibliography 127
Chapter 4. Diabetes care in the Czech Republic 131
-4.1. Introduction 132
-4.2. The prevalence of diabetes and metabolic syndrome are a cause for concern 134
-4.3. Scaling-up primary and secondary prevention for diabetes 137
-4.4. Despite some improvement, there are still shortcomings in the outcomes of diabetes 142
-4.5. The Czech Republic should step up efforts to provide good quality care for diabetes, and to manage complications 146
-4.6. Conclusion 154
-Bibliography 156

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