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ITF Round Tables
Better Economic Regulation
The Role of the Regulator
OECD, International Transport Forum. Published by : OECD Publishing , Publication date:  17 May 2011
Pages: 120 , Language: English
Version: E-book (PDF Format)
ISBN: 9789282103272 , OECD Code: 742011021E1
Price:   €31 | $44 | £28 | ¥4000 | MXN560
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Imprint:  International Transport Forum


Efficient provision of transport infrastructure is critical to economic growth. The long asset lives of much transport infrastructure indicates governance through regulation, rather than through contract or public ownership. This can ensure predictability in long-term relationships whilst preserving some flexibility to deal with changes in external circumstances.

The transparency created by a fully independent regulator is invaluable for ensuring sufficient investment  is forthcoming, while maintaining reasonable conditions for user access. Discussion at the Roundtable focussed on how to achieve effective independent regulation and how to reconcile independence with the legitimate control of policy by the executive part of government.

Independent regulation is not seen as a universal default governance arrangement. Much of the discussion focused on when to regulate and when to rely on competition, even if imperfect, to drive efficiency. The discussions underscored that there are opportunities to improve performance significantly in the aviation, rail and road sectors, by learning from successful experience in improving governance structures in a range of countries.

Table of contents:

Summary of Discussions 

Effective Regulatory Institutions for Air Transport: A European Perspective by  Hans-Martin Niemeier (Germany)
1. Introduction
-2. Effective Regulatory Institutions for Air Transport
-3. The Value Chain for Air Transport and Regulatory Intervention
-4. Summary: Reform of Regulatory Institutions
Effective Regulatory Institutions: The Regulator's Role in the Policy Process, Including Issues of Regulatory Independence by Tom Winsor (United Kingdom)
-1. Introduction
-2. Purpose of Regulation
-3. The Role of Politicians
-4. Regulatory Policy
-5. Effective Regulation
-6. Independence
Transport Regulation from Theory to Practice: General Observations and a Case Study by Marco Ponti (Italy)
-1. Introduction
-2. Some General Economic Issues Relevant for Institutional Choices
-3. Some Institutional Aspects
-4. Specific Issues for Transport Regarding Institutional Aspects
-5. A Case Study: Transport Regulation in Italy
-6. Conclusions and Recommendations
List of Participants

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