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ITF Transport Outlook 2013
Funding Transport
OECD, International Transport Forum. Published by : OECD Publishing / International Transport Forum , Publication date:  14 Jan 2014
Pages: 160 , Language: English
Version: Print (Paperback) + PDF
ISBN: 9789282103920 , OECD Code: 742013011P1
Price:   €30 | $42 | £27 | ¥3900 | MXN540 , Standard shipping included!
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Other languages:  French (Available)
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Imprint:  International Transport Forum


The ITF Transport Outlook 2013 presents and discusses global scenarios concerning the development of transport volumes through 2050. The analysis highlights the impact of alternative economic growth scenarios on passenger and freight flows and the consequences of rapid urbanisation outside the OECD . Under any scenario, transport volumes grow very strongly in non-OECD regions, and curbing negative side-effects (including greenhouse gas emissions, local pollution and congestion) is a major challenge. The Outlook also discusses the challenge of establishing sustainable funding mechanisms for the transport infrastructure, emphasising the need for long run funding strategies in a context of growing global investment demand. The Outlook includes a comprehensive statistical annex.

Table of contents:

Preface 9
Foreword 11
Executive Summary 13
Reader's Guide 15
Chapter 1. Transport and the Macroeconomy - Current Situation and Near-Terms Expectations 21
GDP and trade volumes 22
-Transport volumes 25
-Maritime and air freight volumes 25
-Rail and road freight volumes 35
-Car use in high income economies 37
-Air, rail and bus passenger transport 40
-References 45
Chapter 2. Transport Demand in the Long Run 47
Overview of global scenarios to 2050 48
-Global demographic scenario 48
-Global GDP scenarios 50
-Connections between population, urbanisation, GDP and transport 55
-Global transport and CO2-emission scenarios to 2050 57
-Urban transport scenarios for a middle-income region: Case study of Latin America 61-Underlying scenarios for Latin America  62
-Connection between underlying scenarios and transport 67
-Urban mobility and CO2-emission scenarios for Latin America 69
-Regional development paths and their implications for transport 80
-Regional GDP scenarios 80
-Passenger transport projections 85
-Freight transport projections 93
-References 98
Chapter 3. Transport for Growth 101
How much does investment in transport infrastructure contribute to growth? 102
-Spending on transport infrastructure 103
-Strengthening appraisal for goal-oriented spending decisions 106
-References 111
Chapter 4. Funding and Financing Transport 113
Future funding needs 114
-Future funding frameworks 116
-Public-private partnerships  121
-References 125
Statistical Annex 127

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