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1. About OECD Publications


The OECD produces a wide range of specialist publications, comprising of some 3,500 paperback titles and over 700 electronic products and online services. 

Since 1998 we have also been producing E-Books, PDF versions, of all our print publications to enable quick access to text when print editions are out of print. It also allows our online bookshop customers to have immediate access to the complete text of a publication(s) they have purchased. The PDF files are added immediately upon purchase to the customer bookshelf on their account. 


You can search these different product types from the left hand navigator on our homepage:
Books - monographs covering all subjects covered by the OECD.
Book Series - monographs grouped together by theme.
Outlooks and Annuals - books that are published on a regular basis, annually or bi-annually, giving projections and statistics.
Subscriptions - annual subscriptions to a wide range of subjects.
Statistical publications
Legal and Reference - Publications in binder format that give guidelines and reference information.
Multilingual Summaries - summaries of selected publications, available for immediate download, in languages other than English or French.

You can also search on the four semi-autonomous directorates within the OECD that you will find in the right hand column of our homepage: 

The OECD Development Center
International Transport Forum - ITF
Nuclear Energy Agency - NEA
International Energy Agency - IEA

Their publications are in our complete catalogue and will be included in all searches but at the same time you can access each one individually by selecting them from the homepage. Each individual site will function the same as the main site, with all search options and catalogue possibilities.


On our site you will find all publications produced by the OECD and also some publications that are co-edited with other organisations. Some of these titles can be purchased on the online bookshop and for others you will be advised to contact the other party. All the necessary contact information will be supplied on the product page of the title.


You will be able to access free publications by a simple click on “download it” next to the PDF version, if it exists, and have immediate access to the complete text. In some cases there are free E-Books for publications on sale; in that case you can order the print edition online in the usual way and download the free PDF file direct from the site.

OECDiLibrary - Online service

The OECD has developed OECDiLibrary, its online library, giving access to the whole of the OECD catalogue in PDF and database format. It is possible to purchase access to individual subscriptions or databases, specific themes or the whole library. For complete information about this service please consult or contact customer service at

When purchasing online products, you will receive within 48 hours access details to the product purchased. With all OECD subscriptions ordered in print edition, we offer free access to the PDF format through OECD-iLibrary for the subscription period and access to all previous issues of the subscription back to 1998 or the start date of the subscription. This access can be shared within your office and pdf files can be downloaded, edited and printed in whole or part. 


Unless otherwise indicated all subscriptions are for a period of one year. When a subscription is placed you will receive the most recent issue available. You will also have access for one year to the PDF format through OECD-iLibrary (see above).
There are only one exception to this rule: 

OECD Economic Surveys: you will receive all the surveys that are published in the current year, first receiving all surveys already published in the subscription year and then as they are available the other surveys will be shipped upon publication. 

Individual Issues:

With the exception of the following 2 subscriptions, individual issues of subscriptions are not available for sale on the online bookshop:

1. OECD Economic Surveys 
2. OECD Economic Outlooks 


A large number of our publications have multilingual summaries in different languages. These documents exist only in PDF format and are free on the online bookshop with a simple click on “download”. They give an overview of the publication summarized in approximately 10 pages in a selection of languages other than English or French which vary from publication to publication. For more information please consult “Multilingual Summaries” on the left navigation bar.

2. Search and Navigation 


You can go anywhere on the site at any time with the use of the navigation bar on the left and the search menu on the top of the page, and also by the four Semi-Autonomous Bodies of the OECD (IEA, NEA, ITF and Development Centre) listed on the right navigation of our homepage. 

With the left hand navigation list you can search by different product categories, create catalogues, and view recent and forthcoming publications and access general information about our publications and about the site.

The site is available in English and French and you can switch from one to the other at any time by selecting the language choice in the top right hand corner of the screen.


From the top search bar you can do a simple search when you know the title of a publication by entering the complete title or its key word(s). When possible you should make a selection by subject to reduce your search time. If you need to be more specific please use the Advanced Search function (see below).


When you do not have a specific title to search for and would like to see a selection of publications with specific criteria the advanced search engine should be used. Please consult 'Search Tips' on the top menu bar for full instructions in the use of our advanced search option. 

3. Services

This is an electronic text file in PDF format that is readable on your screen with Acrobat Reader, a free software from When purchasing a print publication on the online bookshop the OECD offers the E-Book free of charge when it is available. You can purchase the E-Book separately and save 30% (20% on IEA publications). All purchases of individual PDF files are sent to your Bookshelf on your online bookshop account for easy access. 

A PDF purchased on the OECD Online Bookshop, either on its own or as part of a package with a printed copy, is for personal use only.  There is no limit to the number of times it can be downloaded from your bookshelf, provided it is for your personal use.  Printing a complete copy of the PDF is not permitted.  Should you wish to share a PDF or make it available on an internal network, then please contact for a quote.

Please note: For subscription products, access to PDF files is through OECD-iLibrary. You will not find them on your bookshelf.


The “look inside” option is offered on almost all our OECD publications and enables you to read online the complete text of a publication, particularly the Table of Contents, so that you can be sure that it will supply you with the information you are looking for. There is no option to download, print and copy/paste which are only available when you purchase an E-Book. You can “look inside” documents without being in your online bookshop account.


There are E-Books that are free of charge on our online bookshop. When such a title appears in a search result you only have to click on “Download it” to have immediate access to the file with all its usual editing possibilities. Some publications are free in PDF format but the print edition is on sale and are then purchased in the normal way. 

OECDdirect E-Mail Service

OECDdirect is our free e-mail alert service in either English or French. You have a choice of alerting services for new OECD publications available from the Online Bookshop and online via OECD-iLibrary, plus free OECD newsletters. Once you have registered, you'll start to receive e-mails from OECDdirect only in the areas you have chosen. You can sign up, view, update your information or unregister at any time directly online at


When you pass your cursor over an icon you will have a box open showing you its name. For more complete information about their functions please consult the following list:

View Basket
Add to Basket
Not available
Available from another publisher
   Back to top

Print + E-book
Online Database
Downloadable File
Complete Edition
Complete Edition Online

4 Your Account


Account recognition is made with your e-mail address. After entering your e-mail address the system will search for this address and if it has not been entered before it will request that you register as a new customer. You only have to register once and then you will simply log-in with your chosen password each time.


On the account page there are three areas that need to be filled in: 

1. Billing Info: Name shown on your order receipt under billing address. This address is used to select your default currency on your account depending on the country entered. This can be changed in “Extras” (see below).

2. Shipping address: If your shipping address is the same as your billing address simply click on “Copy address from billing info”. If not, enter the correct information. 

3. Extras: There are two functions here:

1. You can change the default currency assigned to your account. 
2. You can select Express Shipment.


When you enter your billing address the system will automatically select the appropriate currency depending on the country entered. On the selection 3. Extras in the shopping basket you have the option to change which currency you use. The currencies offered are Euro, US Dollar, Pound Sterling and Yen. Once your order has been processed and payment made online you can not change the currency used on an order.


You can at any time change all the information that you entered when you opened your account by simply going into your shopping basket and making the necessary changes by selecting Billing Info, Shipping Address and/or Extras. It is imperative that address changes be made during the shopping process as this information can not be changed after payment has been made.


When opening an account on the online bookshop you will be requested to select a password for your account. It must have a minimum of 8 characters which can include numbers, letters, punctuation and spaces. If you forget your password, on the same page you can select “Forgotten Password” and the system will automatically send you the password by e-mail.


From your online bookshop account, select "Your Account" from the top menu bar and then select "View History" to see a list of all orders placed online for the last six month period. New orders are added automatically after payment so you can confirm if your order has been registered correctly by checking in "View History". The orders are listed in date order, showing the order number and the number of books in the order. By clicking on "view" you can see complete order details.

5. How to Purchase


If you have not yet opened an account you will be instructed to register as a new customer after you have entered your e-mail address when you either select “Login” from the top menu bar or if you select “View Basket”, "Your Account" or "Bookshelf". You only have to register once and then you will simply login with your chosen password.

If your e-mail address should change you will have to open a new account. At this point you should print your order history, if necessary, and download the PDF files from your bookshelf onto your computer to avoid having to remember your access information to the old account.


When you have found a product you would like to purchase simply click on “Add to Basket”. You can add as many products as you like on one order. See Search and Navigation for information on how to find what you are looking for.


You can go to “View Basket” on the top menu bar of the screen at any time to see what is in your shopping basket then either continue with the purchase or return to the bookshop. You will see the list of titles selected and the version you have selected. Verify that you have selected the correct version (print version, E-Book, CD Rom, etc.) and if necessary you can change the quantity of each title. You will initially see the single issue price but that will change to the total price when you change the quantity. It is only necessary to order one E-Book as you have the right to share these files among your colleagues. See Copyright Policies.

At this point you can fill in your billing and shipping information or change existing information in your account, and revise the list of products to be purchased. By selecting “Preview Order” you can see the complete information before proceeding to the payment site.

When your order is final you can also add your own personal order reference in the field provided. If you make any changes to your shopping basket after you have entered this reference, this information will be lost and you will have to enter it again.


When you are satisfied that everything is correct then click on “Process Order” which will take you to the secure payment site.

Credit cards accepted : Visa, MasterCard, Eurocard, or American Express. 
You will be invoiced in the default currency for your country or the one you selected in the “Extras” option in your shopping basket. This must be done before processing your order as the currency can not be changed after an order has been processed.


The system will automatically assign each order with an order number. This will appear on the order confirmation page after you have placed an order and in your "Order History" under "Your Account".


After your payment has been completed you will return to the shopping basket which will have the details of your order. It is recommended that you print this page to save this information as you will not be able to return to it after you have left it. Also from this page you can print an official order receipt for your records and administration purposes. 


All individual PDF files purchased will now be accessible in your Bookshelf with the exception of forthcoming titles and embargoed titles which will be listed there but you will only be able to access them once they are available. We advise that you download these files to your computer for easier access.


If you are not able to order online with credit card payment you can sent an order form to one of our distributors. Please click on “Order Offline ” from the shopping basket after you have selected all your titles and made any necessary changes to your account information.  
If you do not see the "Order Off-line " button it means that you have selected an "E-Book only" edition. E-books can not be ordered offline so you will have to remove this title(s) from your shopping basket list and then this selection will appear. You will find full address details for Turpin Distribution, the OECD fulfillment contract, on the form and access to a complete list of local distributors in your country.
Print this form and send it directly to the distributor of your choice and please contact them directly if you need information on shipping charges, payment methods and order queries.

If you are ordering through Turpin Distribution and would like to pay by international transfer please make your payment payable to the OECD. You must specify to your bank that you will pay all charges connected with the transfer. You should include your order number when making payment. Below are the transfer details according to the currency of your payment: 

Bank: JP Morgan, AG
Frankfurt, Germany
Account: 6161603433
BLZ: 50110800
IBAN: DE20501108006161603433

EUR (France)
Bank: JP Morgan Chase Bank
Paris, France
Account: 30628-00001-00609083301-97
IBAN: FR7630628000010060908330197
Siret: 775 687 957 00016

US Dollar
Bank JP Morgan Chase Bank
New York, NY
Account: 400948214
ABA: 021000021
FEIN #: 52-1510681

GB Pound Sterling
Bank: JP Morgan Chase Bank
London, United Kingdom
Account: 24908504
Sort Code: 60-92-42
IBAN: GB80CHAS60924224908504

Japanese YEN
Bank: JP Morgan Chase Bank, Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan
Account Type: Current (TOZA) 
Account: 016/2041065
Zengin code: 0402 001


OECD offers attractive discounts on print editions for quantities over 10 copies. Please contact for more details.

6. Bookshelf


Your bookshelf is a place on your online bookshop account where you will find all the individual E-Books/PDF files that you have purchased. This includes the free E-Books that you receive when you purchase a print edition of one of our publications. You can open your bookshelf only after you have logged in to your account and then select “Bookshelf” from the top menu bar. You can access these files at any time from there but we advise that you download them to your computer for easier access.

NOTE: You will not find E-Books which are part of a subscription in your Bookshelf. You will access these through OECD-iLibrary after receiving your password information by e-mail after your purchase. Any problems or queries about OECD-iLibrary should be addressed to


E-Books purchased or received free with print editions are automatically added to your Bookshelf for immediate access. We advise that you download these files to your computer for easier access. You can request that individual files be removed by contacting


When you purchase a 'forthcoming' or 'embargoed' title, it will appear immediately on your bookshelf but it will not be active. Once available the status will change and you will be able to access and download this file.


All E-Books can be opened with Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this software you can download it free of charge at OECD is presently using Acrobat Reader 6 but you can continue to read with older versions although you will receive a warming message that you will have to close to access the document. This will not effect the functioning of this file.

7. Delivery Information


All deliveries are sent by our fulfillment contractor:

Turpin Distribution LTD
Stratton Business Park, 
Pegasus Drive,
Bigglewade, Bedfordshire SG18 8TQ
United Kingdom
Tel.: Customer Service: +44 (0) 1767 604960 
Fax: +44 (0) 1767 601640

North American customers only: 
United States  - tel - 800-456 6323
Canada - tel - 860 350 0041

Turpin Distribution will include a receipt with your order indicating your online bookshop order number, the Turpin customer number (CU-xxxxxxxxx) and the amount paid.
When corresponding with Turpin Distribution regarding your order, when possible please supply the Turpin customer number (CU-xxxxxxxx), and/or your Online bookshop order number, to help them locate your order.

Your order will be sent to the shipping address indicated on your online bookshop account. Please make sure this information is correct before processing your order. If this information should have to be changed after your order has been processed you will need to contact Turpin Distribution directly in the shortest delay possible supplying your OECD online bookshop order number and details. 


Handling and postage charges are included in the price of all our publications, subscriptions and electronic products. Delivery by post is by standard airmail and delivery time can vary depending on the destination.

Within Western Europe the maximum delivery time is 3 weeks. For other international destinations, consider a maximum of 6 weeks. Please note that these times cannot be guaranteed as this depends on the various local postal services.


For an additional charge you have the option to select express shipment:
Euro 20 
Pounds Sterling 14 
US Dollars 27 
Japanese Yen 2800
For all deliveries by express shipment is it important that your shipping address includes a street address, a telephone number and if possible an office number. Express shipment can not be made to P O Box numbers except in certain countries in Africa. 

Note: Express shipment is not available for subscription products when ordering on the online bookshop. After your subscription has been registered you can arrange directly with our fulfillment contractor, Turpin Distribution, (contact information) for information about express air mail shipment and DHL express shipment on individual issues of your subscription. Prices vary depending on the type of express shipment requested and the weight of the product. Payment will be made direct to Turpin Distribution.


If part of an order is not available for immediate shipping, Turpin will send the books that are available and indicate on the receipt the books that are due. These will be shipping immediately upon availability. If you have selected Express shipment for an order and it is sent in two different deliveries, both will be sent express shipment at no additional charge.


When you place an order for a forthcoming publication, your order will be sent immediately upon availability of the product. You will receive notification from Turpin once the order has been dispatched and you can also confirm availability by checking the online bookshop You can select express shipment for a forthcoming publication but the order will only be sent upon availability.


No customs or import duties apply to deliveries to an OECD Member Country, but could be levied for a Non-Member country upon arrival. Any charges for customs clearance will be borne by you; we have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. Customs policies vary widely from country to country; you may want to contact your local Customs office for further information.

8. Policies


You can access our copyright policies for books and PDF files:

A PDF purchased on the OECD Online Bookshop, either on its own or as part of a package with a printed copy, is for personal use only.  There is no limit to the number of times it can be downloaded from your bookshelf, provided it is for your personal use.  Printing a complete copy of the PDF is not permitted.  Should you wish to share a PDF or make it available on an internal network, then please contact for a quote.


Please note that prices are subject to change without notice.


If your book arrives damaged, or we have sent you the wrong book by mistake, you can return it to Turpin, our fulfillment contractor, stating clearly what the problem is and if you would like a replacement copy or a refund. Please mark the package "BOOKSHOP RETURN" and include a copy of the original receipt or delivery note. If you have any questions in this regard you can contact us at .


Your privacy is our promise: we do not share your name and address with anyone outside the OECD.

9. Contact Us


OECD's Customer Service and Fulfillment service is operated by Turpin, who are responsible for the handling of all orderes placed on our online bookshop. Any inquiries or problems with orders placed should be addressed to their Customer Service:

North America Only: 
Turpin Distribution
The Bleachery
143 West Street, New Milford
Connecticut 06776
United States
United States  - tel - 800-456 6323
Canada - tel - 860 350 0041
Fax: +1 (860) 350 0039

Rest of the World: 
Turpin Distribution
Stratton Business Park
Pegasus Drive
Biggleswade, Bedfordshire SG18 8TQ
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 1767 604960,
Fax: +44 (0) 1767 601640


Any questions or general inquiries about OECD publications should be sent to:

OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development)
Publications Service / Online Bookshop
2 rue André Pascal
75775 Paris Cedex 16, France

Tel. : (33-1) 45 24 81 67 
OECD main website:

OECD Information Centres

The OECD Washington Center:

OECD Berlin Centre:

OECD Tokyo Centre:

OECD Mexico Centre:

OECD Paris Centre:


Click here for the complete list of all our sales distributors around the world.