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Getting Online Access

OECD Publishing offers two online services.

Firstly, via this Online Bookshop, you can purchase e-books. Each e-book purchased is placed in your account's virtual bookshelf, from where you can download copies as and when you need them. Once purchased, an e-book is available on your account's virtual bookshelf. Access to your account and the virtual bookshelf is obtained by username (your email address) and password. Customers buying printed books automatically gain access to the e-book edition via the account bookshelf at no additional cost.

Secondly, OECD offers an e-library service. Called OECD-iLibrary, it offers an online library of all OECD books, periodicals, working papers and statistical databases from January 1998 to date. Designed primarily for institutions, access is obtained by IP range or via username and password.

OECD-iLibrary comprises 17 thematic collections, each of which is available for annual subscription separately. Subscribers benefit from unlimited, multiple-user access to all contents across their institution. Books and excerpts from books can be re-used in course packs and use to fill ILL (Inter Library Loan) requests. Print supply is optional.

OECD's periodicals are available online via OECD-iLibrary, other e-journal platforms such as IngentaConnect, Ebsco Online and SwetsWise. An annual subscription includes archival access. Print supply is optional. All print subscribers have an automatic right to access the online edition.

OECD's statistical databases are available online via OECD-iLibrary and via IngentaConnect. Subscribers benefit from immediate access to the latest numbers and can build their own tables, make extractions and export data to suit their needs.

Subscriptions for OECD-iLibrary services are best purchased via our Distributor Network, but they can be purchased via this Online Bookshop and via leading subscription agencies.

For more details about OECD's online services, please contact